Community Calendar

WBOM is dedicated to promoting Rockford and the surrounding communities. As part of that commitment, WBOM broadcasts Community Calendar events twice an hour, seven days a week.

If you have a free event in the area that is open to the public, please fill out the form below. Include the following information:

  • Event name.
  • Event date / time (or recurrence).
  • Brief description (1 – 2 sentences) of event.
  • Method to get more information (website / e-mail address / phone number).
  • Any restrictions (i.e., only adults) or registration information (i.e., go to the website to register as space is limited).

Note: Community Calendar spots are recorded and aired on a first-come / first served basis. Please plan to notify WBOM of your event at least four weeks in advance. Recurring events (i.e., a meeting on the first Thursday of the month) are allowed and will air up to one year.

WBOM has the right to refuse to air information about an event that violates its station policies.